Warren Sewell Clothing Company

For almost a century, the Sewell family name has been synonymous with the textile industry. In 1926, Warren, Roy, and Robert Sewell started the Sewell Manufacturing Company in Atlanta. After World War II, the Sewell Company had moved its headquarters to Bowdon, and the company had a split between the three brothers. Warren P. Sewell took over the Bowdon property and renamed it the Warren Sewell Clothing Company. It became an official company in operation in 1945. The company primarily manufactured sport suits, although it also had some military contracts for uniforms as well. Bowdon owed much of its economic growth after the war to the Sewell Company. It provided jobs for a great many people in the city of Bowdon[1]. Eventually the company merged with Sewell Companies, reuniting the different companies after more than 60 years[2]. Sewell Companies closed the plants in Bremen, however the Bowdon plant which used to be the Warren Sewell Clothing Company still exists and still manufactures uniforms for the military, continuing a tradition of allowing Bowdon residents to work in Bowdon.

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